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The Importance of Good Roof

Similar to the foundation of your home, the roof is fundamental to the integrity of your house’s structure. Weather is one of the main challenges when it comes to roofing. A high-quality roof can withstand the toughest climatic conditions.

It is paramount that your roof keeps out all water and moisture. Low-quality roofs may fail at this point. Water can lead to damage to the structural supports and rafters in the roof. Water and moisture result in the growth of molds and other complications on different parts of the house.

Another attribute of a good roof is that it is energy efficient. Ineffective roofs can lead to up to 50 percent losses in energy. This means that during summers a lot of cold air will be lost and during winters, warm air. This leads you to spend more on air conditioning, and that right there is you throwing money out the window because of a faulty roof.

Lastly, a good roof adds to the visual appeal of your property. A good roof is beautiful. Beauty in the real estate world equates to a higher curb appeal and, therefore, a rise in the value of your property. Also, many home buyers take into account materials making up the roof such as tiles, metal, and energy efficient materials.

Benefits of Hiring Adam On Call The Roofing Professional

  1. Right Training

    Roofing contractors have the expert skills and know-how when it comes installing or repairing roofs. When a roof is not installed correctly, this may lead to great consequences and other types of damages to your home. When you hire a reputable contractor, the chances of these effects happening are minuscule. To prevent compromising the structural integrity of your roof, hiring a professional is the right thing to do.

  2. Appropriate Tools and Equipment

    Another advantage when you hire a professional like Adam On Call is that we use have right tools and use the high quality materials needed to accomplish the roofing project correctly. We also have proper safety equipment hence ensuring that no one is hurt during installation or repair. Attempting DIY work on the roof could lead to injury and sometimes even worse.

  3. Cost Saving

    While saving money when hiring a professional seems unreasonable, this is the case sometimes. When you look at it from the point of buying equipment to fix your roof, it makes sense. When you hire a professional, you don’t have to purchase any tools or equipment. Also, if you do it wrongly, the cost of repairing the mistakes later outweighs the cost you would have used to pay a pro in the first place.

  4. Time-saving and Quick Turnaround

    If you have a full-time job, the project of fixing your roof may drag on for a while because of the little time you have on your hands. This exposes your roof to damages and risks when it's unfinished. Hiring a contractor, on the other hand, may lead to the quick repair of your roof since they can work on your roof the whole day.

Types of Gwinnett County Roofs

Commercial Roofs

  • Thermoplastic Roof Systems

    These roof systems are among the fasted growing roof systems. They consist of a durable material with high-temperature tolerance and low-temperature flexibility. They are very resistant to ultraviolet rays, exposure to chemicals and ozone. They can stand for more than 20 years and are resistant to high winds, chemicals, fire, and punctures.

  • EPDM Roof Systems

    These offer exceptional durability and are versatile. They are one of the longest lasting commercial roof systems available in the market. Other advantages include ease of installation and ease of maintenance and repair as compared to other types.

  • Photovoltaic Solar Panels

    Due to increasing energy costs, the quest for sustainable energy has led to people opting for solar energy roofing systems. Solar panels set up over glass or rooftop absorb light energy from the sun and convert it to electrical energy capable of powering up a building. These are not widely used but are a good option if you need to conserve energy and curb costs.

  • Metal Roofs

    In these type of systems, standing seams, corrugated metal panels or R-panels are fastened to specific structure points. They offer a variety of options ranging from color options to type of metal to be used. They are unyielding, durable and fire-resistant.

Residential Roofs

  • Asphalt Composition Shingles

    These are the most popular and are relatively cheap. They have an average lifespan of 20 years.

  • Metal Roofs

    These are becoming popular among homeowners because they are viable and environmentally friendly.

  • Slate and Tile Roof Shingle

    If you are looking for complex roofing material, then slate is your ideal choice. Slate is fire resistant and durable. Ceramic tiles are durable, and advances in the industry have made them resistant to fading.

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